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“I’m spoiled, because I get to work with people that are multi-talented. For example, when it was time to do television, Karen Cronin and I had already done a lot of CD packaging and books and side projects together, so I knew that the set for the TV show was just a matter of turning the wheel in yet one more direction. We had one conversation, and that was all it took. I went on to something else because I knew Cronin Creative had it covered. Like I said, I’m spoiled.”
Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart project details

Singer, songwriter, photographer, Grand Ole Opry star, hometown hero, virtuoso picker, Marty Stuart has grown into country music’s renaissance man. In his post-major label life, Cronin Creative has worked closely with  the artist to expose the “full Marty” with design that ties together his wide-ranging output – from Grammy-winning albums to an award-winning coffee table book of his photographs to the stage set of his weekly hit TV show. The design celebrates and elevates the time-tested country traditions Stuart cherishes and tirelessly promotes.

TV show set design (click below to watch)

Book design + production

Marty-Stuart-2-2 Marty-Stuart-3-2 Marty-Stuart-4-2 Marty-Stuart-5-2

TV show set design

Marty-Stuart-7-2 Marty-Stuart-8-2 Marty-Stuart-9-2

Museum exhibit


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