The Westin Nashville | Castlerock Asset Management
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The Westin Nashville | Castlerock Asset Management

As one of the prime movers in the building of the new Nashville, Castlerock Asset Management has already completed two world-class hotels in the city’s bustling downtown – the 27-story Westin and the popular boutique hotel, Bobby. In addition, the company has opened the upscale Oak Steakhouse adjacent to The Westin Nashville. As The Westin Nashville was rising into the Nashville skyline, Cronin Creative was chosen to design a commemorative book dedicated to the workers who built this impressive structure. In addition, Cronin Creative has worked closely with Castlerock to create the intra-company materials that celebrate Castlerock and help to establish the company’s newfound prominence in Nashville’s growing market.





Publication Design, Content Creation, Collateral


April 26, 2020


Events + Hospitality, Publications, Real Estate + Development