RightLane Defensive Driving School
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RightLane Defensive Driving School


Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, RightLane Defensive Driving School owners and lifelong friends Donna Bayless and Sharon Winter set out to create a different kind of driving school targeting today’s cell-phone distracted drivers. With RightLane, the entrepreneurial pair found a ready audience in a couple of different spaces.


RightLane Defensive Driving School started out serving a wide range of clients, from individual students to state-sponsored classes, even as they carved out a market niche offering their high-energy presentations to regional utility companies. While business was good, over the course of the growing process the company’s messaging became muddled and difficult to communicate.


Working closely with the RightLane team, Cronin Creative conducted a brand-messaging audit that uncovered the core qualities that distinguish the company and their methodology. The result was a more compact and carefully crafted brand message that focused on the uniqueness of the RightLane team and the real-life difference they make with their energetic, high-impact presentations and driving instruction.


With a newly crafted tagline that reads, “We Don’t Just Make a Presentation, We Make a Difference,” RightLane found its footing, freshly positioned as the uniquely effective source of driver awareness and as the go-to destination for utility companies looking to ensure driver safety.

“Peter and Karen Cronin are a gifted team and refreshingly fun to work alongside. Engaging their expertise has been a great investment for our business. Clarity by Design really says it all. Cronin Creative helped us craft spot-on messaging that offered a much clearer way to articulate our brand and helped define who we are as a company.” – Donna Bayless & Sharon Winter, RightLane, LLC



Foundational Brand Messaging, Unique Value Proposition


April 8, 2020


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