Meridian At Providence
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Meridian At Providence

For Cronin Creative, Meridian began as a name in search of a concept. The apartment complex had been named, but ground hadn’t yet been broken when Rochford Realty & Construction took over the project.



Nashville is booming, with a record number of new residents arriving every day. The city’s booming downtown, with its steel-and-glass high-rises, has been a focal point in Nashville’s evolution into “It City.” With its more ex-urban location and feel, Meridian offered a quieter, closer-to-nature vibe. The challenge was to locate, inform and energize those newcomers, position Meridian as the perfect alternative, and turn them into Meridian residents.


Cronin Creative’s marketing and branding campaign showcased the upscale lifestyle and strategic location of this rising apartment complex, located just outside of Nashville in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

With a tagline that read, “Life. Centered.” Cronin Creative’s branding successfully positioned Meridian as both a respite from the increasingly hectic urban bustle and a perfect place to enjoy the area’s natural attractions. With Nashville’s downtown 20 minutes away, Meridian At Providence offers the best of both worlds.


Even before the development’s completion, Cronin Creative’s social media campaign had stimulated considerable community interest, informing and inspiring future residents. Cronin Creative also worked closely with the interior designer and the property manager to ensure brand consistency. Meridian at Providence was quickly at full capacity and has become one of the more desirable addresses in the Providence area.

“Working with Cronin Creative has been a most enjoyable experience. They’re always there when I need them. Cronin Creative is also diligent in making sure we as a company receive exactly what we envisioned our brand to be, not only for now but for the future as well.” – Rob McCroskey, Property Manager, Meridian At Providence – A Rochford Community

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April 19, 2020


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