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Nashville Interiors

With a renewed energy and vision, the new owners of Nashville Interiors turned to Cronin Creative for a complete, cover-to-cover redesign, including an update of the magazine’s logo, to better reflect publication’s broader focus and demographic. “Cronin Creative has been instrumental in making sure my magazine,

Vanderbilt University

We are fortunate to partner with our neighbor, Vanderbilt University, on a wide range of projects serving the school's various academic and research departments. Whether it's a quarterly publication, an infographic that brings clarity to a complex idea, or a colorful promotional poster, at Cronin


The Westin Nashville | Castlerock Asset Management

As one of the prime movers in the building of the new Nashville, Castlerock Asset Management has already completed two world-class hotels in the city's bustling downtown – the 27-story Westin and the popular boutique hotel, Bobby. In addition, the company has opened the upscale


Marty Stuart

Singer, songwriter, photographer, Grand Ole Opry star, hometown hero, virtuoso picker, Marty Stuart has grown into country music’s renaissance man. In his post-major label life, Cronin Creative has worked closely with the artist to expose the “full Marty” with design that ties together his wide-ranging


Discipleship Ministries, The United Methodist Church

Discipleship Ministries is an agency of The United Methodist Church, empowering local churches to address important issues facing the church and the world and providing a wealth of learning opportunities for their constituents. Working closely with the agency, Cronin Creative has crafted a variety of


The Guitar: An American Love Story

We love guitars, and we live and work in a guitar town. So we were thrilled to take on this book project for the Tennessee State Museum, a loving tribute to the instrument. The book was created in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition – “The

Parthenon Publishing | BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

We value our collaborative relationship with our sister agencies in the Nashville area and beyond. Working with the custom publication firm Parthenon Publishing, Cronin Creative designed the inaugural issue of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee's publication "Better Tennessee." The magazine is widely distributed throughout


Alan Shuptrine

Alan Shuptrine is a nationally renowned American watercolor artist. His work, like that of his father (Hubert Shuptrine 1936-2006) is collected by museums, galleries, private collectors and as part of corporate collections. When it came time for a gallery showing of his watercolors at the


The Wills Company

Searching for the perfect way to engage a discriminating and upscale client base, Wills Company, "Nashville's Premier Design-Build," approached Cronin Creative with the idea of creating a unique promotional piece, and Haven magazine was born. Focusing on the company's top-of-the-line design and renovation projects and blending


Heritage Creatives

Custom publishing can require a highly personal, carefully tailored approach to design and an acute sensitivity and knowledge of the information at hand. Cronin Creative is adept at working with custom publishers to hit that balance of creativity and authenticity that stimulates and rings true