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SESAC is a performing rights organization, collecting royalties and paying songwriters on the one side, and collecting licensing fees – from radio stations, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. – on the other. The company constantly strives to keep its industry profile high while working to please two


The Westin Nashville | Castlerock Asset Management

As one of the prime movers in the building of the new Nashville, Castlerock Asset Management has already completed two world-class hotels in the city's bustling downtown – the 27-story Westin and the popular boutique hotel, Bobby. In addition, the company has opened the upscale


Bright Event Productions

Owner Clint Pilkinton labored hard to build his company, Bright Event Productions, into Nashville's premier provider of event lighting and audio, serving a large and eclectic clientele. His branding and messaging, however, did not keep pace and did not reflect that expertise. Working closely with