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SESAC is a performing rights organization, collecting royalties and paying songwriters on the one side, and collecting licensing fees – from radio stations, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. – on the other. The company constantly strives to keep its industry profile high while working to please two


Marty Stuart

Singer, songwriter, photographer, Grand Ole Opry star, hometown hero, virtuoso picker, Marty Stuart has grown into country music’s renaissance man. In his post-major label life, Cronin Creative has worked closely with the artist to expose the “full Marty” with design that ties together his wide-ranging


The Guitar: An American Love Story

We love guitars, and we live and work in a guitar town. So we were thrilled to take on this book project for the Tennessee State Museum, a loving tribute to the instrument. The book was created in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition – “The


San Francisco State University

With several Master of Fine Arts programs attracting students from all over the world, San Francisco State University turned to Cronin Creative to capture the creative spirit that distinguishes the university's Ceramics MFA program. Cronin Creative designed advertising and marketing materials that highlights the program's uniqueness


Plowboy Records

Plowboy Records is a labor of love for label founder Shannon Pollard, who named the fiercely independent label after his grandfather, Country Music Hall of Fame member Eddy Arnold. In his earlier, pre-tuxedo-wearing years, Arnold was known as "The Tennessee Plowboy." He went on to