Where The Rubber Meets The Road

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, April 14, 2016 | No Comments

I’m no mechanic. When it comes time to maintain or repair something on my car, I count on people who know, and hopefully love, what they’re doing. This applies to everything from the tune-up to the tires. Especially the tires. Until recently, buying those tires could be a not-so-pleasant, inconsistent, and sometimes greasy experience. Maybe you’ve been there.

That all changed when I visited a local Discount Tire franchise. If you need tires, or if you’re interested in experiencing what effective branding looks and feels like, you should pay them a visit.

Discount Tire has basically overturned the raft of negative stereotypes associated with the tire-buying experience. Their waiting area is spotless and filled with light, with comfortable chairs and things to read. The mechanics can be seen working away behind a glass wall, and everyone in the place is dressed in the company’s crisp, NASCAR-chic uniforms.

Happy with my first visit, I went back again, and guess what happened – the exact same things, in exactly the same way. Which is good, because when I go to buy tires, I’m not looking for surprises. I’m looking for tires. Those employees are totally on board with the company’s brand promise of consistency and over-the-top service. And it makes all the difference.

I’ve never researched this company’s branding initiatives or corporate culture, but I didn’t need to. I learned all I need to know from dealing with Discount Tire’s employees. They serve as the company’s front line customer contact, and as a shining example for any company trying to build or rejuvenate a truly authentic, sustainable brand.

Behind that beautifully designed logo and website is the most effective branding tool of all – your employees. Include them in the branding process from the very beginning, get them fully on board with your brand message, and you’ll give your company the kind of traction that can keep you well ahead of the pack.

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