Where Elegance Meets Eloquence

By Peter Cronin | Wednesday, August 5, 2015 | No Comments

There’s something special about a great song. Everything flows and fits like a glove. A song like that offers a seamless blend, lyrics on the one side and music on the other. Two separate disciplines come together in a kind of creative soldering, conjuring up a third something, a new entity that’s more than mere lyrics and music – a song.

Great branding is like that. When clean, spacious design and finessed, highly distilled content come together in the right way, a similar alchemy takes place, and that third something emerges. We call it Clarity. It’s clarity that allows a brand’s message to truly rise above the clutter and impact the right target audience. You can’t say “Just Do It” without that Nike swoosh popping into your brain. Utter the words “Think Different,” and there’s that ubiquitous Apple.

As branding experts, we share a collaborative spirit with the songwriting community, where co-writing has resulted in so many timeless standards. Great songwriting teams – from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Lieber and Stoller to Goffin and King to Lerner and Leowe– have traditionally written together, at the same time in the same room. That approach works well for us and for our clients.

But for the biggest songwriting team of them all, it worked both ways. Early in their career, those classic Lennon/McCartney songs were indeed written by John and Paul, collaborating closely. Later on, while the songwriting credits remained unchanged, they wrote some of their greatest songs separately, only presenting them to the group for their (brilliant) contributions.

Whether your particular team chooses to work separately or in a more closely collaborative way, it’s imperative that you conjure up that brilliance, that “third something” that gets you seen and heard above an avalanche of brand messages. Take a look at your brand, dig deep into what your messaging is conveying, and you’ve got a much better shot at hitting that sweet spot where elegance meets eloquence. There it is. Clarity!

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