The Value Of Design

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, February 28, 2019 | No Comments

Design. The word gets tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? Is it important? Is it valuable? Not surprisingly – as people who spend the majority of their time designing one thing or another – we respond to both of those questions with a resounding yes.

Design is everywhere all the time. From the cell phone in your pocket to your coffee cup to your car to the landscaping and signage in your neighborhood, everything we see every day is the product of some designer’s work. Design and designers have everything to do with the way our world looks and feels.

Design plays an increasingly vital and valuable role for any business, large or small, in today’s highly competitive and noisy marketplace. Expertly crafted, well-thought-out design brings real clarity to a brand and does a lot to differentiate and grow a business in this crowded environment.

This video from the UK Design Council does a nice job of summing up the importance of quality design for any business. It’s short, fun, and distinctly British, with a message that is both valuable and universal.

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