The Sound Of Clarity

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, January 31, 2019 | No Comments

There’s something special about a great song. Everything just flows and fits like a glove. There’s a one-two punch that comes with that perfect combination of emotion and melody. A song like that offers a seamless blend, with lyrics on the one side and music on the other. Two separate disciplines come together in a kind of creative soldering, conjuring up a third something that’s more than mere lyrics and music – a song.

Great branding is like that. When clean, spacious design and finessed, highly distilled copy come together in the right way, a similar alchemy takes place, and that third something emerges. We call it Clarity. It’s clarity that allows a brand’s message to rise above the clutter and impact the right audience. You can’t say “Just Do It” without that Nike swoosh popping into your brain. Utter the words “Think Different,” and there’s that ubiquitous Apple.

To be seen and heard above an avalanche of brand messages, it’s imperative that you conjure up that “third something” that helps you breaks through. If you take a hard look at your brand and take the time to dig deep into what exactly your messaging is conveying, you’ve got a much better shot at hitting that sweet spot. There it is. Clarity!

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