The Power Of “The Power Of Intention”

By Peter Cronin | Wednesday, September 2, 2015 | No Comments

We talk a lot around here about the importance of keeping clarity in our work and in our lives. This week we lost a real-life champion of clarity who helped a lot of people find meaning and inspiration day to day.

The passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer may not have garnered superstar media attention, but for all of us here at Cronin Creative, and for countless others who have benefited from his teachings, it is a very big loss indeed.

I first became aware of Dr. Dyer in the early 1980s. Back then, I was a full-of-myself, full time musician. So, of course, I had to have a day job. I was lucky enough to find one at a local bookstore, where Dr. Dyer’s first book, “Your Erroneous Zones,” was flying off the shelves. It is now firmly established as one of the bestselling “self-help” books of all time, but back then, as a cocky 20-something guitar player, I had no use for what I viewed cynically as “pop psychology.”

It was only later – when real life kicked in, and I was raising a family and starting a company – that things got a lot more real, and I was ready to hear what Dr. Dyer had to say. For me, for us, for the work we do every day, his powerful message has made a world of difference.

My discovery of Dyer’s “The Power Of Intention” was exactly the kind of serendipitous event that he delighted in and wrote about so well. Just when we needed it, he put things in perspective and opened a lot of doors, giving us the courage and the clarity we needed to make our dream business a reality.

Unlike copycat books that followed, “The Power Of Intention” isn’t about an easy-way-out, dream-it-and-it’s-yours panacea. In Dyer’s abundant universe, it comes down to doing the real work involved in opening up, giving back, and “learning to co-create your world your way.”

Amen to that!

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