The Flip Side Of Creativity

By Karen Cronin | Thursday, November 3, 2016 | 2 Comments

I’ve always had a thing for flipbooks, those little handheld, refreshingly analog booklets that display an animation when you flip the pages. You know who else loves flipbooks? Kids, that’s who. And nobody understands kids better than the smart folks at Beam Camp.

Bootstrapped in 2004 by Danny Kahn and Brian Cohen, two New York-based music business veterans, the stated purpose of this innovative camp, located in the wilds of New Hampshire, is “to provide children with exciting experiences in creative problem-solving through working with their hands and actively collaborating with others.”

The kids at Beam Camp spend several weeks every summer completing a challenging and creative project. They’ve crafted moving sculptures, wildly inventive structures, various functional vehicles, and, as the attached story from Wired magazine makes clear, they’ve put their own rustic spin on the venerable flipbook.

Based on those vintage, clacking, arrival-and-departure signs still in use in Grand Central Station and in some older airports, and powered with hand cranks by the kids themselves, these incredible “sculptures,” placed deep in the New Hampshire woods, will delight any hiker who should stumble upon them, even as they impart their important environmental messages.

Here’s to kids, creativity, the good folks at Beam Camp, and, of course, to flipbooks everywhere. Check out the Wired story here.

2 thoughts on “The Flip Side Of Creativity

  1. What an innovative use of an old-style format!

  2. Suellen Stringer-Hye says:

    Super cool!

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