The Enduring Power Of Paper

By Karen Cronin | Friday, June 1, 2018 | No Comments

With marketing and branding methods gravitating more and more to our hand-held devices, and traditional brick-and-mortar commerce being supplanted by online monoliths like Amazon, it sometimes seems that all of our daily activities and decisions have become computer-driven. But here at Cronin Creative, we still believe in the formidable power of paper to enrich our lives and inspire consumers like no other medium.

In a recent series of articles, Sappi North America, one of our favorite paper sources, explores the way haptics – the science of touch – is becoming a marketing watchword, with companies turning more and more to paper catalogs to entice and energize consumers. A recent study conducted by magazine publishing giant Condé Nast came to some surprising conclusions regarding the enduring power of paper.

“The study revealed that because paper is ‘lighter in its assertion of control,’ it draws readers in. Because they were in charge of their own interaction, they engaged with the print content—all its content, not just the ads—more fully.

You can read this brief and thought-provoking article here.

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