The Difference Is The Differences

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, May 4, 2017 | No Comments

Here at Cronin Creative, we describe ourselves as “enthusiastic collaborators.” Whether it involves photographers, web developers, PR experts, social media specialists, or all of the above, we love the challenge of putting together the right team for a particular job.

For both team members and clients, this approach has its advantages. First of all, bypassing a traditional agency, with their full time staff and high overhead costs, can be a real money saver. Also, the ability to draw from the wider world of talent offers the opportunity to bring the very best people, and their fresh ideas, to the job at hand. And then there’s flexibility. Utilizing a team of independent professionals makes for quick-and-easy adjustments and the ability to scale the size of the team to fit the project.

Yes, we’re all reaching for the same optimum solution, but one of the not-so-obvious advantages of these types of collaborative teams is the differences between the individual team members. All those disparate personalities and opinions create tension, and that creative tension inspires real moments of clarity, pushing the team to its full potential.

A recent article from the excellent design website 99U tells the story of architects Ettore Sottsass and IDEO founder David Kelley, and their collaboration on the design of Kelley’s Silicon Valley home.

“They circled and sparred, thrust and parried, and together created an extraordinary house.” Read more and check out this one-of-a-kind house here.

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