The Cool, Refreshing World Of Beer Can Design

By Peter Cronin | Friday, June 14, 2019 | No Comments

To quote the great songwriter Tom T. Hall, “I like beer.” I also happen to love the art and craft of branding, so when I stumbled into an article that put it all together, I just had to dive in. The article, written by Liz Stinson for AIGA Eye On Design, the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ online blog, explores the explosive rise of craft beer and the fierce market competition that has ensued.

Stinson points to beer magazine Cana‘s assertion that “beer cans are officially the new record sleeve,” and looks at the importance of beer can design in this increasingly crowded market.

“The pressure at retail is to stand out and get noticed,” says Julia Herz, the Craft Beer program director at the Brewers Association. “Design is everything.”

We agree. Design is everything, even when it comes to our favorite beverage. Your assignment? Pop open a cold one and check out “Why Does Every Beer Look So Cool Now?” here. It’s a cool, refreshing read.

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