Success To The Power Of One-On-One

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, June 25, 2015 | No Comments

Any conversation about the current state of communication in sure to be peppered with references to mobile, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the zillion other ways we “speak” to each other every day. And justifiably so. Texting, video conferencing, and especially social networking have become integral to doing business. You don’t hear a whole lot of talk, however, about the most powerful communication scenario of them all – the one-on-one encounter.

Any business development veteran can relate stories of how this or that deal was closed only after that lunch, dinner, drink or cup of coffee brought them together face to face. But even when people can’t be in the same physical space, collaborating directly with the decision maker can be the difference between a fully realized vision and a built-by-committee mishmash.

A recently published and widely referenced white paper from Professor Richard D. Arvey, Ph.D.Business School, National University of Singapore, acknowledged the importance of new modes of communication, while stressing the unique and continued importance of one-on-one, direct personal contact.

“However cost effective computer mediated communication devices are, there are potential disadvantages,” he says. “The opportunities for distraction are great using these modalities—participants carry on working, check email, engage in SMSing, have irrelevant side conversations, and the like.”

All of this confirms something we’ve long suspected. It’s why we make every effort to remove the barriers between client and creative. Time and again we’ve seen the result – genuine communication and collaboration, cleaner, more focused work, and maximum impact for the client. Success to the power of one-on-one!

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