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By Peter Cronin | Thursday, February 7, 2019 | No Comments

With her best-selling books and new Netflix reality show, consultant, author, and professional neatnik Marie Kondo is everywhere these days, and she’s taking her “spark joy,” anti-clutter crusade to the masses and to the bank. Having recently downsized and performed a major purge of old, unused stuff, I can totally identify with Kondo’s “let it go” message.

While applying Kondo’s philosophy can make a difference in your home, a similar approach can do big things for your business and your brand.

You’re passionate about the products and/or services that you offer and the problems you’re able to solve for your customers. You want talk about all of it, and that’s understandable. But it’s usually a bad idea.

In today’s information-soaked world, with attention spans dwindling down to just several seconds, you’ve got to grab your audience by the lapels with a brief, sticky statement that sums up the value you offer.

Take a hard look at the messaging on your company’s website and promotional materials, and you’re likely to find a lot of words that are not essential to the point you’re trying to make. Take them out, all of them, particularly those cumbersome and unnecessary adjectives. Whittle it down to those few, impactful words, and you’ll experience the difference that leveraging the power of clarity can make to your brand and to your bottom line.

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