Seven Steps To Logo Success

By Karen Cronin | Friday, January 11, 2019 | No Comments

At Cronin Creative, we enjoy working with clients and companies at the various stages of their branding and marketing development. And we really love the process of developing a brand from the ground up. For me, designing the logo – creating the face of the brand – is the most exciting part of that process.

Effective logo design requires a special combination of research and inspiration. Getting to know and understand the client and their company is essential, but for the inspiration part, I’ll often turn to a favorite book.

I recently pulled “Logo Design Love” off my studio shelf. Written by internationally recognized designer, David Airey, the book offers a helpful array of visual examples, along with some good advice. His “seven ingredients” for effective logo design serves as a useful, back-to-basics recipe. While I learned all of this back in art school, revisiting this stuff can be instructive not only for the designer, but for the client as well.

1. Keep it simple. The simplest solution is often the most effective. Why? Because a simple logo helps meet most of the requirements of iconic design.
2. Make it relevant. A logo must be appropriate for the business it identifies. For example, as much as you might want to use a witty design that makes everyone smile, that’s probably not going to work for the local crematorium.
3. Incorporate tradition. Trends come and go like the wind. With visual identities, the last thing you want is to invest a significant amount of your time and your clients’ money in design directions that look dated within a year or two.
4. Aim for distinction. Begin by focusing on a design that is recognizable—so recognizable, in fact, that just its shape or outline gives it away.
5. Commit to memory. One quick glance is all the time you get to make an impression. You want your logo to be remembered the instant they see it the next time.
6. Think small. Your logo should work at a minimum of around one inch in size without loss of detail, so that it can be used for many different applications.
7. Focus on one thing. Incorporate just one feature to help your designs stand out. That’s it. Just one. Not two, three, or four.

A great logo carries a lot of weight, creating a strong bond and a high level of trust with customers by effectively conveying the perceived value of the product. Traveling the road from initial sketches to that optimum design can be challenging, but the best way to arrive at the right logo is always one step at a time.

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