Regaining Creative Confidence

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, August 24, 2017 | No Comments

We hear it all the time. “Thank God you guys are here, because I haven’t got a creative bone in my body.” As much as we love to feel needed, we beg to differ. That tendency to divide people into two groups – “creatives” and “everyone else” – has always been a dubious and not-very-helpful distinction.

In their acclaimed book, “Creative Confidence,” David Kelley, founder of international design and consulting firm, Ideo, along with brother, author and Ideo partner Tom Kelley, take a deep dive into the nature and power of creativity for anyone in any field. The pair coined the term “creative confidence” to counter the widely held notion that creativity is the exclusive domain of designers, writers, painters, musicians and the like.

“It turns out that creativity isn’t some rare gift to be enjoyed by the lucky few – it’s a natural part of human thinking and behavior,” say the Kelley brothers. “In too many of us, it gets blocked. Creative confidence is like a muscle – it can be strengthened and nurtured through effort and experience.”

Working with clients, we look for as much creative input as possible, knowing from experience that collaboration and a shared vision can produce highly distilled, fresh, and impactful results.

The Kelley brothers’ book details their extensive research, along with their incremental, empathetic approach to breaking down the fears and insecurities that so often get in the way of truly inspired collaboration. It’s a fascinating, wide-ranging subject, but the message is simple. Opening yourself up to your full creative potential can produce profound changes, unexpected clarity, and powerful results.

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