Pushing 100

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, February 1, 2018 | 1 Comment

It’s been about two years since we made the commitment to begin blogging for our business on a weekly basis. At the time, it seemed like a tall order. How could we get all this work done, keep our clients happy, and still make the time to come up with something compelling to blog about every week?

I’m here to report that, yes, it’s been challenging, and okay, we did miss a couple of weeks along the way. But having reached that magic number – blog #100 (you’re reading it!) – we took a pause to reflect on the process and the results.

First of all, we can say without hesitation that the investment of time and energy required to hit 100 has paid off. As opposed to pushing – going on about what makes our company different and better than the competition, we’ve utilized the power of attraction, offering free content that spoke to the problems and concerns our clients and potential clients face, along with some insights and possible solutions. Happily, they responded with thoughtful feedback, creative projects, and quality referrals.

Regular blogging for your business is all about keeping customers informed and engaged while showcasing your company’s professional consistency and expertise. Over the past couple of years, it has expanded and enriched our relationships with our clients.

But the real value of this kind of regular self-examination may be the way the process illuminates your company from within, lighting up new ideas, broadening your knowledge, and sharpening your ability to communicate the unique value you bring to the marketplace. While much of your social media interaction is brief and of-the-moment, your weekly blog allows you to dig a little deeper and elaborate on the subject at hand.

The good news is, our blog is working; for our clients and for us. And our prime message –”clarity by design” – is impacting more happy clients than ever. We’re loud, we’re proud, and we’re hoping you’ll stick with us as we push on toward blog #200.

One thought on “Pushing 100

  1. Larry Cronin says:

    Your brother Larry reads every one! Great job guys!

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