Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, October 19, 2017 | No Comments

Here at Cronin Creative, we take our tagline, “Clarity by Design™,” very seriously. Especially these days, when so much of the information we receive is designed to divide, distract and confuse, clarity and simplicity have become valuable commodities.

Checking our trusty thesaurus, we see that a common synonym for “clarity” is “transparency.” In a recent blog, Toronto-based market researcher Andrew Grenville stresses the importance of straight-ahead clarity and transparency in all of today’s marketing and branding endeavors.

“In the age of the empowered customer, transparency is an essential attribute of any robust brand,” Grenville says. “In fact, without transparency, you’re not a brand. You’re a commodity.”

Grenville goes on to detail the numerous benefits of brand transparency, from increased levels of trust, to increased employee productivity and retention. In other words, clarity and transparency are good for your brand and good for business. Below are a few of Grenville’s suggestions for building brand loyalty through increased transparency. It’s good stuff.

Find out where your relationship is at by measuring how transparent your customers think you really are. Identify any questions or concerns they might have. And learn where you might benefit from being more forthcoming.

Make everything accessible. Be transparent about being transparent.

Be honest. No one is perfect, but brands often pretend they are. That doesn’t inspire trust or admiration. It just evokes suspicion. Make clarity a priority.

Actively solicit feedback from your customers and prospects and ask for permission to use their information to better serve them. People get upset about information from their online activities being used to target or monitor them, when they have not explicitly given permission. But our research found that they love being asked for their opinions. Those are the kinds of relationships that all brands want to build. Being transparent and open is a perfect first step to building them.

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