Is Your Brand Sticky?

By Karen Cronin | Thursday, June 27, 2019 | No Comments

Chalk it up to the aging process or maybe my information-saturated brain, but I’ve been forgetting things. It’s not the big, important stuff, but the umbrella, the keys, the wallet, all those annoying little details that seem to elude my memory.

Luckily, I devised a practical and easy way to avoid leaving things behind. I just place simple reminders to myself around the house. Run out of dog food? Leave the empty can on the kitchen counter where you can’t miss it. Happy dog! Rain in the forecast? Stick that umbrella over by the door. I also depend on the old reliable sticky note. Pasted strategically around the house, they shake me awake on a regular basis.

You know the way those sticky notes get my attention and keep me on track? That’s exactly the affect your branding should have on potential customers. Your logo, for example, is a reminder. And like those little notes, it should be placed strategically where it can’t be missed. If not, there’s a good chance you’ll get left behind.

There’s a raft of research out there about the power of “sticky branding,” but, at the most fundamental level, effective branding and marketing are all about impacting the right people on the right medium with the right message at the right time. Just like that note on my fridge, those little sticky reminders make a big difference.

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