Nice Work If You Can Get It!

By Karen Cronin | Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | No Comments

SchatzkinsNashville-based author and serial entrepreneur Paul Schatzkin has found success in a number of creative endeavors. Aside from online music, writing, and an obsession with all things techno, a constant in Schatzkin’s life has been photography. When he recently found himself “between startups,” his lifelong hobby became his latest business venture. Schatzkin, along with his wife Ann (herself a formidable talent behind the camera), jumped on a burgeoning business model – professional resort photography for visiting tourists. Nice locations, nice folks, nice work. And the Schatzkins do very nice work. His Civil War-themed photography for the The 1861 Project gave Cronin Creative the raw materials for some truly inspired CD package designs.

“Cronin Creative took the photographs and put them through their creative process to produce the full realization of the concept in the final product,” Schatzkin says. “They saw things in the photography that weren’t evident even to the photographer, and that helped bring The 1861 Project to a much fuller fruition.”

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