Go With The Flow

By Karen Cronin | Friday, March 8, 2019 | No Comments

Whether it’s the creation of a logo, a website, or a full-blown branding project, there are common techniques that we apply to all the tasks we undertake at Cronin Creative. The deliverables may differ, but the tools and the methodology remain the same.

At the moment, in addition to the project types mentioned above, we are working on the design and production of three books and a glossy, quarterly magazine. This stuff is especially close to our hearts, because it takes us back to our roots in the magazine business in New York City.

As with the design and branding processes, there is a method and an order when designing publications. We’ll call it “flow.” It’s important to strike that delicate balance between attention to detail and keeping a constant eye on the “whole,” the overall dynamic of the final product. A logical flow is essential to effective messaging.

But not too logical. We love continuity, but we add surprises along the way and leave room for interpretation. Something as simple as a striking visual can fire the reader’s imagination and pull them into the stream of the story.

Fresh out of college, working as a design associate at Interiors magazine, one of my jobs was to create miniature photocopies of each page of an upcoming issue. Up to 100 mini-pages were tacked on a bulletin board so staffers could visualize the flow of the magazine. We could zero in on the details, or back up and take in the big picture. Those little pages got moved around a lot, and that’s still very much a part of our process. In most cases, when you hit that flow, you just know.

Whether it’s a brand or a book, when images and messaging align to engage and draw the viewer into your story, you’re there. Go with the flow.

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