Go Ahead, Take A Vacation!

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, May 23, 2019 | No Comments

You work hard, and there are times when it feels like you’re working all the time. You love your job, but can’t stop thinking about it. Isn’t there something you can take to relieve this stress? Yes, there certainly is. It’s called a vacation! Yet, for a lot of us, time off has become less and less of an option. That’s a shame, and it’s a mistake, because, for some very good reasons, we all need a break now and then.

First of all, it’s good for business. Study after study has pointed to the higher productivity, higher employee retention, and myriad health benefits associated with regularly scheduled vacations. But, even armed with this research, many Americans work right through, leaving paid vacations days unused. In a recent article on the subject, Forbes contributor Tanya Mohn quotes Adam Sacks, President of the Tourism Economics division of Oxford Economics.

“American workers succumb to various pressures – some self-imposed and some from management – to not take the time off to which they are entitled,” Sacks says. “Leaving earned days on the table harms, not helps, employers by creating a less productive and less loyal employee.”

Vacations make for happier people. Everyone – from solo entrepreneurs to CEOs to employers and their employees – benefits from a well-deserved break. More creative and more enthusiastic, rested, happy people just do better work.

Stepping away also fosters fresh ideas and allows for a panoramic view of our jobs and why we do what we do. The real world, the one outside of your office, is a very inspiring place. But you’ll never be able to discover or take advantage of the inspiration all around you if you’ve got your nose buried in work all the time.

There are countless reasons why time off is so important, but our favorite comes our fellow designer, Louise Fili of Fili, Ltd. When she feels the need to fill her company’s pipeline, Fili simply announces that she’ll be taking a vacation. As soon as her clients know she’ll be unavailable, a whole new pile of projects comes through her door. Now that’s what I call creative business development!

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