By Peter Cronin | Thursday, July 20, 2017 | 1 Comment

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have contemplated the much-discussed distinction between working “on” their business as opposed to working “in” their business. With all the things you do, all the multi-tasks you perform working in your business day to day, it’s difficult to find that time to work on it, to gain some genuine clarity and perspective, and reflect on those all-important, long-range plans and decisions.

As we prepare to take our first vacation in way too long, I’m realizing there’s a third option – we’ll call it “floating above” your business. When the daily grind fogs your mind and obscures your focus, it’s okay – in fact it’s essential – that you simply step away. It might be for an hour, for a day, or (in my case!) a week at the beach. Whatever it takes.

There are times when, only by removing yourself from the situation and the physical location, can you gain the perspective you need to move forward. Don’t feel guilty about it. This kind of productive, proactive “laziness” can make all the difference.

According to Joe Robinson, author of “Work To Live: The Guide To Getting A Life,” Americans suffer from “vacation deficit disorder.” While work hours have increased, the average American is allowed only 9.6 vacation days a year, and data suggests that 15% of those days never get used. In other words, we’re working way too hard.

So you won’t be reading this blog next week. We’re taking a break and heading to the shore. We’ll turn off, kick back, and hopefully walk away with some of that clarity and perspective. If you need me, you know where I’ll be – somewhere in the Atlantic, floating, above it all.

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  1. Loved the message! I just completed a Mastermind class on The E-Myth Revisited all about working on vs. in your business. Very hard to do as an entrepreneur.

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