Five Simple Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Brand

By Peter Cronin | Friday, April 26, 2019 | 1 Comment

Wrapped up in the day-to-day workings of their companies, many business owners fall behind in keeping things fresh and staying “on brand.” It’s a good idea to step back and take that helicopter view of your business on a regular basis.

We perform this kind of assessment, or “brand audit,” for our clients all the time, usually as part of a full-blown branding or re-branding project. It’s a deep dive into the elements of the brand, measuring internal and external perceptions, and designed to better align the company, its employees and its customers. And it works.

While we love helping clients with all of the above, we know that a quick “self-audit” can be helpful in keeping a company on message and on target. It’s good to regularly check the health of your brand and where exactly it stands in an overcrowded marketplace. Below are some simple and powerful ways to do that.

Sitting down on a daily basis, preferably in the morning before daily tasks begins to fill your head, and writing your thoughts on paper is an excellent way to “clean the attic” and get perspective on your business and personal lives. Three hand-written pages every day can be transformative to both your outlook and your bottom line.

Talk to your customers
Auditing your customers is an excellent way to gain feedback on your offerings, your performance, and the unique value you bring. Performed on a regular basis, these customer audits can result in real insights into the effectiveness of your branding efforts. It also serves as an opportunity to tout your additional offerings and, perhaps most importantly, deepen your relationship with a great client.

Talk to your peers
It can be really helpful to run your business ideas by your connections, friends, your family, even your mom. Nobody knows the real you better than she does! But yes, friends and family can be of great help in keeping you on track.

Pay attention to the competition
This one may be obvious, but it’s also an oft-overlooked perspective. It’s noisy out there. Standing out and differentiating yourself from your competitors is more difficult – and more important – than ever. Take a regular look at what the competition is doing and do something else.

Take a break
This one is somewhat counter-intuitive, but it can work wonders. Every now and then, put everything down and take a break, a walk, a ride, whatever it takes to clear your head. Your clients, your customers and your company will thank you.

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  1. David Bailey says:

    Good stuff : ) Hope your doing well Karen! All the best!

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