Five Diverse Advantages Of Diversity

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, October 26, 2017 | No Comments

Our word for today is “diversity.” As it relates to business, the word generally refers to a roster of employees more reflective of the world we live in, a balanced mix of colors, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. The theory is that this kind of eclectic mix brings a broad, real-life perspective to the proceedings, and we couldn’t agree more. However, we should be careful to remember that, especially in the workplace, diversity has many meanings.

Diversity is anti-boring – That’s right. Diversity keeps things interesting. We hear a lot about the importance of finding that special niche for your business. While aiming your offerings to one particular industry can be of help in establishing your expertise, it can also quickly become tedious and unexciting. As a creative enterprise, we find that a diverse roster of clients keeps things fresh and keeps us (and our clients) engaged and excited.

Diversity stirs the soup – Again, working in one area, focusing on one subject all day, every day can devolve into a sameness that diminishes the work you deliver. Working with a diverse range of clients, we often find that what works for one industry can be very effectively applied to others. It brings fresh, surprising solutions to the surface.

Diversity broadens your perspective – This one is obvious. The more the merrier. None of us is all knowing. Different people come from different places and bring the wide world of ideas, opinions and outlooks to the table. Good for business. Good for the soul.

Diversity sharpens your focus – This might seem antithetical, but it’s true. All of those divergent points of view are instructive and meaningful. It may take a bit more discussion and debate, but the solutions arrived at by a diverse group are more fully realized and utilitarian than those concocted by one omniscient, “all-seeing” individual.

Diversity keeps us alive – As much as I love bananas, I know that if I eat nothing but bananas, I will die. A balanced diet is essential, and that applies to your business as well. Mix things up in exciting and unexpected ways. You might be surprised by the new flavors and recipes you come up with.

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