Facing The Big Squeeze

By Karen Cronin | Thursday, October 1, 2015 | No Comments

I can pack a bag like nobody else. I inherited this skill from my dad, who had an uncanny ability to fit huge amounts of stuff into a suitcase, a car trunk, a boat locker, or wherever.

When I’d pack up the family car for vacation, my kids used to just stand back and let me do my thing, marveling at my ability to get it all in there. My son Sam has inherited the family trait. You’ll find him tooling around Boston on his bike, messenger bag stuffed with gear, from laptop to extra layers to water bottle to the kitchen sink. That’s my boy!

That kind of efficiency and economy is essential to effective design. I love to create breathing room and allow the message to shine through. But every now and again I’m faced with a project that can’t be edited down. That’s when I call on my packing skills.

I once designed a CD booklet for a seven-member band. Each of them had a long list of people to thank and a whole lot to say. People look at that booklet and wonder how I managed to squeeze it all in and still end up with something entirely readable.

Here in the age of information overload, it’s important to organize and create that hierarchy of information, to keep the stuff that matters and lose the non-essential. Pack what you need, and if you just have to squeeze some extra stuff in there, give me a call. I’m sure I can fit you in!

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