Every Picture Tells A Story

By Karen Cronin | Wednesday, February 3, 2016 | No Comments

Here in the age of TMI, where we process an impossible amount of information on a daily basis, where we tend to skim rather than actually read, getting any complex message or concept across can be a challenge. People just don’t have the bandwidth to delve into the nuances and subtleties of a given subject, to truly understand what is being said.

We’re learning to cope, developing techniques and filters that help us overcome this information overload. One of those techniques comes down to pictures. Researchers have found that when we hear something, we’re likely to remember just 10% of what we heard three days later. Add pictures and that figure shoots up to 65%. There’s a carload of research to back up this phenomenon, which is called Picture Superiority Effect.

Our branding business is all about digging deep to fully understand, distill, and communicate the clients’ messaging as simply and effectively as possible. A recent project, for Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education and Human Development, presented a special challenge. Tasked with bringing a degree of clarity to some very complex, wordy, and academic stuff, we turned to infographics. Conceptual relationships and statistics that might have left readers’ heads spinning were transformed into a colorful, informative presentation with an easily understood flow.

Expertly designed infographics take full advantage of Picture Superiority Effect to catch the eye, cut through the clutter, engage the viewer, and get that point across. They can also incorporate a company’s colors and fonts, reinforcing the brand at every turn. In addition, people tend to share infographics, which can boost SEO.

Yes, every picture tells a story, and infographics can help get even the most circuitous of stories heard, absorbed, and truly understood, providing a bit of clarity and fostering an authentic connection.

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