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I’ve never made moonshine, but I did have a taste of it once. Just a sip, and that was enough. No doubt about it, that is some powerful stuff. It starts out as a pungent stew of rye, barley malt, yeast and sour mash. You can barely imagine that this mess will morph into a crystal clear, extremely potent concoction.

In developing compelling brand messages for clients, we go through a similar process, sorting through a wide variety of images, messages, and opinions, and chipping away to gain consensus and get to the heart of the story. We then go to work removing any element that isn’t essential to that story, to arrive at clarity, a brand message that connects and resonates with the right audience. Powerful stuff.

Like a glass of good whiskey, quality branding takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. And while we have our own proprietary step-by-step flow that we follow, step number two – Distill – is where the alchemy takes place and the magic happens.

The end result is simplicity itself, the essence of an idea or a brand. From the point of view of the consumer, it should look like it was easy, that this logo, this brand, just appeared out of the blue, whole and complete. If and when that happens, we know we’ve done our job. Achieving genuine clarity and simplicity may not be so simple, but it should always feel that way to the end user. And if we’ve done our job at the Distillation stage, it feels that way every single time.


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