Dig Deep And Prosper

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, October 22, 2015 | No Comments

Back in my music journalist days I had the opportunity to interview all kinds of musicians, some of them rock-star famous and some lesser known. I was always surprised at how delighted those interviewees were when they realized that I had actually done my homework and knew their work and what I was talking about. That preparation always made for more penetrating questions and a more insightful article. I remember thinking, “Why on earth would a journalist sit down for an interview knowing next to nothing about his subject?” But, apparently, that’s what happened more often than not.

When I started my own business, I carried that lesson with me, and I apply it to every project and through every client interaction. Digging deep and really getting to know your customer (or potential customer) and his or her business – including their challenges and frustrations ­– is one of the things that separates a successful and dynamic enterprise from a run-of-the-mill operation. And, as graphic design thought leader Michael Bierut points out, it can make for a much more satisfying creative experience for everyone involved.

“Wrapping yourself up in the topic of your work so that you’re truly invested doesn’t just translate into more effective and impactful work. It also keeps you more fulfilled and motivated as an artist,” Bierut says. “If you can get to that place in your work when you’re not feigning interest or curiosity, but truly ‘feeling it,’ that’s where the art lies.”

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