Deeper Than Demographics

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, March 17, 2016 | No Comments

If you own a company or oversee a brand, you know that your target audience and their opinions reveal fundamental truths and insights into your business and how to run it. That’s why those consumer demographics – understanding them, measuring them, analyzing them, and applying what you’ve learned – are key to any successful branding strategy.

Demographics can help to define which segment of the population a company should target with their message, and their products or services. Profiled by writer Emily Potts in Neenah Paper’s “Against The Grain” blog, LogoLounge’s Bill Gardner points to the need to go beyond “who-they-are-and-where-they-are” demographic research to discover the target customer’s deeper motivations and desires.

Gardner clearly demonstrates the way several iconic logos go deeper than demographics to tap into the “psychographic” makeup of their targeted audience. Fascinating stuff. Read more.



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