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By Peter Cronin | Thursday, December 15, 2016 | No Comments

My mom, a first grade teacher, was an expert at reading to kids, and my siblings and I reaped the benefits. She read to us every night, employing a wide range of dialects and injecting her unique personality into every story. I ate it up.

By my college years, however, the glow had worn off, and reading for me had become a chore. It was only later, when I took a job at a bookstore, that my second education began. Freed from the obligation to read, I started doing it for the love of it, hitting every section of the store, and devouring every title in sight.

With all that access, I found myself paying more and more attention to book covers. I came to realize not only how important a cover can be to the commercial success of a newly published work, but how some covers transcend mere marketing. At their best, book covers can stand on their own as fine art.

On that note, we humbly submit for your seasonal perusal, “The Best Book Covers Of 2016” from The New York Times. You can check them out here. Enjoy!

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