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By Karen Cronin | Friday, November 17, 2017 | No Comments

“Design school most certainly does not teach you everything. That’s why you, as a successful designer, must be a lifelong learner.”

Having graduated from Parsons School of Design and embarked on a career as a graphic designer long ago, I can attest to the truth of the above quote from UK-based designer/blogger/author David Airey. In his informative and inspiring book, “Work For Money, Design For Love,” Airey offers a wealth of good advice for any graphic designer, but one particular chapter, titled “Never Stop Learning,” really hit home.

I recently entered the complex world of digital SLR photography, and devoted hours to watching YouTube instructional videos and then watching them again. It wasn’t sinking in, so I took the big step and went back to school, enrolling in an evening class at Nashville’s Watkins College of Art, Design & Film (a very cool place!). It was an eye-opening experience, unlocking the full potential of my new camera and unraveling a bit of the mystery of digital photography.

It was actually nice to be back in school after all these years, but reading Airey’s book reminded me that, for me and my design business, every day is a learning experience. At Cronin Creative, we’re fortunate to be able to serve a wide variety of clients across several disparate industries. Getting to know that client, the intricacies of their particular business, their day-to-day challenges, and the “why” behind the project at hand are prerequisites in any successful design and/or branding effort. It’s also one of the things I love about what I get to do every day.

“We get to learn for a living,” Airey says. “Being lifelong learners not only benefits us personally; it’s crucial to properly serving our clients.”

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