Clarity By Design Award #3

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, March 29, 2018 | No Comments

After years as a hardware holdout, I’ve finally ditched my extensive CD collection and surrendered to Spotify. Between that big leap and my recent purchase of a smart TV, I’ve officially joined the streaming generation. So far, so good. I mean, what’s not to love? Instant access to pretty much the whole world of recorded music? On my phone? I could get used to this.

While copyright owners have no reason to celebrate, for the user, this streaming thing has become a seamlessly clean-and-simple experience. And thanks to my new Sonos speaker, it also sounds great.

You’ve probably seen Sonos’ ubiquitous ads, as simple and uncluttered as the streaming experience itself. Sonos follows the lead of Apple, whose disruptively spacious-and-clean messaging and packaging set a standard for other cutting-edge brands to follow. From their palindromic name to the industrial elegance of their products, Sonos is all about clarity, and the company’s app follows suit, making finding and playing music a breeze.

Clean, clear graphics that stop you in your tracks, a perfectly timed, innovative, and cool-looking product that delivers – sounds like a formula for success.

For any business – big, small, and in between – there’s a lot to be learned looking at and listening to Sonos. If you can strip away all of the clutter, remove every unnecessary word or image from your messaging, every wasted inch on your packaging – the unique value of your product or service, the essence of what you deliver, will come through loud and clear.

So…Cronin Creative officially bestows our third-ever Clarity By Design Award to… Sonos!

Note to Sonos: We’re open to endorsement deals. You can reach us through this blog!

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