The Perfect Tagline

By Peter Cronin | Friday, May 3, 2019 | No Comments

We love creating perfect taglines. Back when we established Cronin Creative, we put a lot of thought into crafting one for ourselves, to find that phrase that would neatly sum us up style-wise while pointing to our company’s authentic differentiator.

We landed on “Clarity By Design,” and the tagline has not only served us well, it has grown in relevance in recent years, as the marketplace has become more and more cluttered and noisy. In fact, clarity, along with impactful design, has never been more important to your company, to your brand, or to the world we live in.

“Design is needed to make sense of information overload,” says author, designer and former Rhode Island School of Design President John Maeda.

Exploring the intersection where business, design, and technology come together, Maeda is adept at distilling complex ideas down to their essence. With all the choices in the world at their fingertips, actually reaching today’s over-saturated consumers with your message comes down to simplicity and expertly crafted design.

In a world of relentless advertising messages, and endless apps and add-ons, Maeda sees clarity and design as the best ways to humanize and maximize the unlimited potential of technology, driving business in the process.

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful,” Maeda says. “What’s next for technology and design? A lot less thinking about technology for technology’s sake, and a lot more thinking about design.”

In other words, Mr. Maeda, Clarity By Design.

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