Clarity By Design #2

By Karen Cronin | Thursday, February 16, 2017 | No Comments

Natural beauty and authentic branding – an award-winning combination. I’ve always considered myself a fairly health-conscious person. I eat right and exercise regularly, I use non-toxic cleaning products in my home, I buy organic foods, and I pay attention to where those foods are sourced. But even as I’ve closely monitored what goes into my home environment and into my body, I’ve given very little thought to what goes on my body, from soaps to lotions to makeup. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and I’ve learned that what goes on is at least as important as what goes in.

I recently read in The New York Times about a skin care company called Beautycounter. The company’s founder, Gregg Renfrew, is on a mission to update US regulations mandating safe ingredients for personal care products. Surprisingly, the current regulations have been in place since 1938. Intrigued, I conducted a bit of research, and learned that Beautycounter has compiled a “Never List,” chronicling ingredients common to most personal care products that they pledge to never use. They’re committed to using the safest possible ingredients in all of their products.

But Beautycounter went the extra mile, seamlessly incorporating their core mission statement into their branding and package design, creating a look and feel that is totally in sync with and reflective of the company’s “no unnecessary additives” philosophy. Clean lines, clear graphics, white space, and warm, reassuring colors work together to bring clarity to their branding and their core message. For Beautycounter, inside and out, it’s all about what’s not there.

Achieving this kind of highly distilled simplicity is anything but simple, and Beautycounter has succeeded brilliantly, with the kind of honest, authentic branding that resonates so strongly with today’s discerning consumers. It all fits seamlessly into Cronin Creative’s modus operandi, and makes Beautycounter the ideal choice for our sophomore “Clarity By Design” award.

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