Chasing The Dream!

By Karen Cronin | Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | No Comments

Chicago native Anthony Scarlati was well into his 30s, settling into a successful but not-so-satisfying career as a woodworker, and making his way through a painful divorce, when he hit the proverbial wall. After regaining his footing, Scarlati impulsively dusted off his old camera and found instant solace and inspiration in what had been a childhood hobby.

“The camera immediately became my best friend in the whole world,” he says. “Even today, never do I feel like this is work. I can’t wait to see what the next picture’s going to be.”

Scarlati’s striking photographic images took him to Nashville and a magazine assignment to join country music iconoclast (and fellow photographer) Marty Stuart on the road. That bus ride was the start of a beautiful collaborative friendship.

“We ran into each other after that first trip, and Marty asked what I was doing,” Scarlatti says. “I said ‘I’m just chasing the dream,’ and Marty said, ‘Come chase it with me.'”

He was soon joining Stuart on the road and in the studio, and his time behind the scenes at Stuart’s popular weekly TV show led to a coffee table book featuring his evocative backstage photos and designed by none other than Karen Cronin.

“Working with Karen is the best,” he says. “You bring all your stuff to the table, and it comes back looking just great.”

Check out more of Anthony’s work here.

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