Are You Content With Your Content?

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, September 28, 2017 | No Comments

“A sentence should contain no unnecessary word, a paragraph no unnecessary sentence, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.”

The above quote is from William Strunk, Jr.’s “The Elements Of Style.” That classic writing guide was published in 1948, and that advice rings truer than ever for anyone trying to communicate a brand message in today’s overcrowded market.

Here at Cronin Creative, our tagline is “Clarity By Design,” and, as we work with companies on all aspects of their branding, we know from experience that clear, concise writing should always play an integral role in the overall design. In an age where people are far more likely to watch a video than they are to read, drawing them in with compelling copy is more is more important, and more challenging, than ever.

Here are a few tips on writing to grab your readers and keep them engaged.

Find your voice and stick with it – Find the tone that’s right for you, the “personality” that best expresses your brand message. Look for that place – somewhere between “too familiar” and “overly business-like” – that feels comfortable, and stick with it across all your brand platforms, from website to tagline to collateral materials. Stay on message and be consistent.

Keep it simple – Speak to your audience in everyday language, and avoid “industry speak.” Readers shouldn’t have to wade through long preambles and four-syllable, technical terms before getting to the message at hand.

Don’t forget to edit – As you write, drop the filters and let it flow. If you know the information you’re trying to convey, simply write to get that point across. The editing process is crucial. Read what you’ve written, and remove anything that isn’t absolutely essential to the story you’re trying to tell. Distill your message down to its essence.

Share what you know – Doing business should always be a collaborative process. Never write down to your audience, but do let them know you’re good at what you do. Write from a giving place that showcases your unique expertise and highlights the ways you bring it to bear in helping your customers.

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