Andy Warhol’s Creative Jeans

By Karen Cronin | Friday, March 22, 2019 | No Comments

At the dawn of his career, pop art pioneer Andy Warhol went to work as a magazine illustrator, eventually going on to become one of the most successful commercial artists of the 1950s. Early on, Warhol learned that effective “commercial art” occupies that sweet spot where art and commerce dance together, and he continued to freely combine those two disparate worlds in his most iconic work.

Before establishing her own acclaimed design studio in the early 1980s, graphic designer Jennifer Morla served as art director for Levi Strauss & Co. Looking to bolster the brand against newer, hipper competitors, Morla concocted a campaign featuring several noted artists, including Warhol (himself a Levi’s wearer) to create original art for an ad campaign.

That campaign never saw the light of day, but Morla’s tale of her one-on-one collaboration with Warhol survives, and it’s a good one. Click here for a quick read that captures a fascinating art-meets-commerce moment.

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