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By Karen Cronin | Friday, August 17, 2018 | No Comments

Here at Cronin Creative we get to work on a wide variety of projects, from logo design to content creation, from advertising to music packaging, from marketing collateral to website design. Like many, we spend our days in front of our computer screens, creating and delivering our design and content solutions in the digital realm. But, not surprisingly considering our backgrounds, we still hold a special place in our creative hearts for the refreshingly analog entity known as the magazine. We love designing them, holding them in our hands, and, yes, even taking the time to read them!

As business owners and creatives, we’re proud of our roots in the magazine world. Back in the day, we honed our skills in the Big Apple, writing, editing, and designing for venerable publications including Interiors, Musician, Creem, and Billboard, to name a few. Since establishing our own company in Nashville, we have broadened our scope considerably, but we’ve jumped at the chance to work on glossy publications for companies like T-Mobile and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

Currently, I serve as Art Director for Nashville Interiors, where I’ve relished the opportunity to help create and publish a high-quality magazine featuring real editorial content and arresting photography. We understand that not-so-little details like heavy, luxe paper and top-quality printing send a subliminal message of luxury and sophistication that help the reader slow down and savor the tactile magazine experience.

The fact is, despite dire forecasts predicting the death of print, magazines continue to carve out their own space in an increasingly digital world. While many have succumbed to a changing market and gone “online-only,” newsstands are still brimming with a variety of ever-changing titles, and people still buy them.

On that note, it’s exciting to see that, with a return to a larger format and an upscale-and-spacious redesign, the venerable Rolling Stone has re-upped its commitment to paper and to the newsstand. In addition to a clean-and-simple logo refresh, the magazine has switched to heavier, brighter paper as a way to showcase its photography. The new cover stock employs “soft touch lamination,” lending a breezy, sophisticated feel.

We were also delighted to see a terrific feature on the website of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) highlighting the recent redesign and providing a nice design overview of Rolling Stone‘s colorful, 50-plus year history.

After checking out the AIGA story here, head out and pick up your own copy of Rolling Stone, Nashville Interiors, or any magazine that strikes your fancy. Have a seat, turn the page, and enjoy the experience!

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