A Man On Omission

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, August 25, 2016 | 1 Comment

Call it payback. After years of  cynicism regarding the whole “gluten-free” movement, my doctor recommended I cut gluten and sugar from my diet for the next two months. Gluten and sugar? Yikes! As hard as it’s been to accept, I’m off to a successful start on my newly restricted diet. I’ve also been a man on a mission. I can live without gluten and sugar (I think), but life without my beloved beer? Unthinkable.

After a few stops on my quest for the perfect gluten-free brew, I arrived at Omission. Created by Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Portland, Washington, with packaging designed by Seattle-based D.S. Phillips, Omission offers a heady blend of surprisingly tasty brew and refreshingly disruptive branding.

On a crowded shelf of densely illustrated, hipster-centric, micro-beer labels, Omission’s design – open, inviting, and playfully type-driven – creates its own space, giving the eyes a chance to breathe (just like beer!). The wordplay is as whimsical as the type treatment, with the “O” in Omission taking flight, highlighting the brewer’s “mission” to craft the perfect gluten-free beer.

With the explosion of the craft beer market, it’s getting crowded out there. Branding-wise, a sameness creeps in, with everyone seemingly going after the same bearded customer. The gluten-free diet is spreading just as quickly, and between brewer and designer, Omission just may heat things up with their combustible combination of branding and beer.

One thought on “A Man On Omission

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you for this post! As a beer lover myself, I’m always looking for new beer to loooove! 🙂

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