A Diagram For Success

By Peter Cronin | Friday, August 24, 2018 | 1 Comment

Okay, let’s see a show of hands. Who remembers doing sentence diagrams back in school? For many people of a certain age, sentence diagrams were the bane of their classroom existence. Not for me. I may have had a tough time with algebra and chemistry, but when it came to breaking a sentence down to its various parts, I was a whiz.

As a business owner who helps businesses with their messaging and their marketing, I leverage those skills a lot these days. Cutting through the clutter of the marketplace, rising above the noise, and getting noticed is more difficult than ever. The answer is not to add more noise. It’s challenging, but taking the time to break down your marketing message, boiling it down to its essence, can do wonders for your business.

In his insightful book, “Building A Story Brand,” branding guru Donald Miller puts it succinctly. The phrase “If you confuse, you lose,” is one of his mantras for marketing success.

“What we often call marketing is really just clutter and confusion sprayed all over our websites, e-mails, and commercials,” Miller says. “All experienced writers know the key to great writing isn’t in what they say; it’s in what they don’t say.”

In other words, keep it brief, use words sparingly and choose them carefully when broadcasting your company’s unique value to your potential customers. Get their attention by letting them know, in the simplest possible way, how it is you can help them be more successful.

The trick is to create open space around your brand, creating clarity and allowing your message to rise above the fray and hit home.

All right students, pencils down, and pass your paper to the person in front of you. Class dismissed!

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