4 Tips For Big-Picture Marketing

By Peter Cronin | Thursday, September 21, 2017 | No Comments

In building a business, establishing and communicating an authentic brand message to a targeted audience is essential. Positioning your company in front of the right customers is the job of marketing, and a multi-tiered marketing plan will help to highlight the differentiator that makes your company special.

As you descend into the inevitable marketing-plan minutiae, it’s wise to keep a few big-picture considerations in mind.

Consistency is king. From your logo to your customer service to the tone of your communications, and to all of your marketing materials, consistency reassures the customer, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity. Familiarity builds trust, and people buy from people they trust.

Less is more. Constantly bombarded by endless brand messages today’s customers actually want less. They don’t have time to read, and they resist any kind of hard sell. Keep your marketing messaging helpful, clean, clear, uncluttered, and direct.

Know your customer. It’s more essential than ever to zero in on your target customer, and focus your marketing efforts where they’ll have maximum impact. A strategic market research campaign can help your business fine-tune and focus your market strategy and deliver your message to the right demographic. And don’t ever discount the formidable power of actually knowing and caring about the customers you serve every day.

Make a plan and follow it. Take the time and put in the work necessary to formulate a workable business plan. A business plan is essential in bringing the organizational structure of your business to life. It’s a great way to ensure that your business is staying true the company’s core mission, while meeting operational and sales goals.

So, before you begin to sweat the details of your marketing plan, be sure to keep that helicopter view constantly in mind, always hewing closely to those all-important big-picture considerations.

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