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Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design
  • Cronin-Creative-Clarity-By-Design-The-Little-Prince-BlogPost-152

    A Most Important “Take Away”

    "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."I keep this quote from "The Little Prince" author Antoine de Saint-Exupery sticky-noted to the edge of my computer screen where I can read it every day. It neatly sums up how we feel about the power and importance of clarity by design; it's a philosophy we apply to everything we do and every piece of work we deliver.Consciously and unconsciously, we all process countless images and messages as we move through life every day. Actually, they don't so much get processed as they bounce off of us. From billboards to road signs to TV and radio ads to the barrage of social chatter, they're vying for our attention at every turn. It's crowded out there. ...

  • Cronin-Creative-Clarity-By-Design-BlogPost-153

    Creativity Makes A Comeback!

    With several business books already written to reinforce his point, bestselling author/thought leader Daniel Pink believes that creativity is at the heart of 21st century work. But over the course of the past decade, big data, with its ability to zero in on more and more specific demographic groups, has been the big story.But according to Henric Larsson, founder of Stockholm based agency, Chimney, big data may be taking a step back to make room for a renewed emphasis on, you guessed it, creativity.Larsson points to two confluent events, the recession of 2008 and the rise of Facebook ads, as being largely responsible for the dominance of big data as a driver for targeting of specific audiences. At some point along the way, he says, data overcame creativity as the driving force and brands became "obsessively tactical and targeted." In other words, building the ultimate delivery system has been taking priority over the actual content being delivered. ...

  • Cronin-Creative-Clarity-By-Design-BlogPost-154

    Does Your Website Have Curb Appeal?

    Having recently survived the selling of a house, I am very familiar with the term "curb appeal." It's that all-important first impression a potential buyer receives upon pulling up in front of your home for the first time. No matter what business you're in, it's imperative that you give strong consideration to the curb appeal of your website's homepage. If that initial attraction isn't there, your potential customers will never get past your site's front door. It's all too easy to just drive away.It's not just about looks. Keeping things clean and attractive is key, but it's also about the right fit. Does your homepage speak directly and clearly to the audience you're trying to reach? What exactly are your customers looking for? Be sure to express that message clearly and quickly. You've got about three seconds to grab their attention and walk them into your "house."Have a PlanKnow who you're trying to reach and focus in on how your product or service will help them or solve some specific problem. Build your messaging from there, stick with it, and be consistent.Design For ClarityThe design of your website, and particularly your homepage, is critical to effectively expressing your brand difference. A good designer will provide visual clarity, while an experienced designer will ensure a look that distinguishes your business while fitting into the vibe of your particular industry. Talent and experience – when choosing a website designer, insist on both of these attributes. ...

  • Cronin-Creative-Clarity-by-Design-What's-in-a-Business-Name-website

    What’s In a Name? A Whole Lot!

    We recently had the opportunity to help a client name their company, a process we really enjoy because it’s always a fun, collaborative effort. One of the most challenging parts of the process can be finding a name that isn’t already in use in your......

  • Cronin-Creative-Clarity-by-Design-Hiring-a-Graphic-Designer-website

    Why Graphic Design Matters to Your Business

    Anyone thinking about starting or maintaining a successful business should be thinking about graphic design. In a world saturated with visual images, where instant gratification is the norm, graphic design increasingly serves as that attention-grabbing differentiator in a competitive, noisy marketplace. It’s essential that you......

  • Cronin-Creative-Clarity-by-Design-Karen-Cronin-Peter-Cronin-web

    17 Years. 17 Lessons.

    Here at Cronin Creative, we’re in a reflective and celebratory mood as we commemorate 17 years in business. It’s been one wild ride! On April Fool’s Day, 2007, we took the leap and we’ve never looked back. We have, however, learned a thing or two......