How Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

Working in your business, getting things done and delivered day to day can easily eat up your entire schedule. It can be challenging to find the time to work on the business, and that can lead to real problems as your company tries to grow and evolve.This kind of over-saturated bandwidth can be paralyzing. Whether it’s marketing related, financial, or just laying out a plan that gets you to where you need to be, the answer can often be found through outsourcing. Having that expert, objective, third party at your disposal to advise, strategize or execute on your behalf can be a lifesaver, and it won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg.In her business development role at NOW CFO, Melissa Thorniley helps companies large and small get a grip on their finances and their future. Her company provides accounting help, budgeting advice, and forecasting that keeps companies on track. She’s quick to point out that the right outsourcing relationship can save you money – all the benefits of a full-time employee without having to pay benefits.

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Is Your Brand Sticky?

Chalk it up to the aging process or maybe my information-saturated brain, but I’ve been forgetting things. It’s not the big, important stuff, but the umbrella, the keys, the wallet, all those annoying little details that seem to elude my memory.Luckily, I devised a practical and easy way to avoid leaving things behind. I just place simple reminders to myself around the house. Run out of dog food? Leave the empty can on the kitchen counter where you can’t miss it. Happy dog! Rain in the forecast? Stick that umbrella over by the door. I also depend on the old reliable sticky note. Pasted strategically around the house, they shake me awake on a regular basis.

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The Cool, Refreshing World Of Beer Can Design

To quote the great songwriter Tom T. Hall, “I like beer.” I also happen to love art and craft of branding, so when I stumbled into an article that put it all together, I just had to dive in. The article, written by Liz Stinson for AIGA Eye On Design, the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ online blog, explores the explosive rise of craft beer and the fierce market competition that has ensued.Stinson points to beer magazine Cana’s assertion that “beer cans are officially the new record sleeve,” and looks at the importance of beer can design in this increasingly crowded market.

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What To Look For In A Graphic Designer

“What should I consider when I’m needing a graphic designer? How do I tell them exactly what I’m looking for? And what, exactly, am I looking for?”Those are some of the things that might be running through your head as you think about hiring a graphic designer. And those questions point to the central dilemma: “How do I express my rough, sketchy vision to a designer? I’m not a terribly creative person, so it’s hard for me to put this stuff into words.”You may not think of yourself as a creative type, but you do know what you like. The first step is to spend time with a designer’s work. How does it hit you? Does their style sync with the message you plan to convey and with the audience you’re trying to reach? Do you gravitate toward certain design sensibilities? It can be helpful to show the designer examples of things you like, to see if you’re a good fit.

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How To Create Space In Your Life

There are a lot of elements involved in graphic design. From type to photography to color to various graphic touches, each component is carefully selected and placed to effectively convey the message at hand.

But it’s also important to consider what’s not on the page. Great copy gets your message across, and the right image can drive it home. But it’s that unoccupied area, that “white space,” that invites the viewer in and gives your message room to breathe and sink in.

Designer/creative coach Jocelyn K. Glei sums it up nicely in her article, “Why You Need ‘White Space’ In Your Daily Routine.”

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