What To Look For In A Graphic Designer

“What should I consider when I’m needing a graphic designer? How do I tell them exactly what I’m looking for? And what, exactly, am I looking for?”Those are some of the things that might be running through your head as you think about hiring a graphic designer. And those questions point to the central dilemma: “How do I express my rough, sketchy vision to a designer? I’m not a terribly creative person, so it’s hard for me to put this stuff into words.”You may not think of yourself as a creative type, but you do know what you like. The first step is to spend time with a designer’s work. How does it hit you? Does their style sync with the message you plan to convey and with the audience you’re trying to reach? Do you gravitate toward certain design sensibilities? It can be helpful to show the designer examples of things you like, to see if you’re a good fit.

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How To Create Space In Your Life

There are a lot of elements involved in graphic design. From type to photography to color to various graphic touches, each component is carefully selected and placed to effectively convey the message at hand.

But it’s also important to consider what’s not on the page. Great copy gets your message across, and the right image can drive it home. But it’s that unoccupied area, that “white space,” that invites the viewer in and gives your message room to breathe and sink in.

Designer/creative coach Jocelyn K. Glei sums it up nicely in her article, “Why You Need ‘White Space’ In Your Daily Routine.”

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Go Ahead, Take A Vacation!

You work hard, and there are times when it feels like you’re working all the time. You love your job, but can’t stop thinking about it. Isn’t there something you can take to relieve this stress? Yes, there certainly is. It’s called a vacation! Yet, for a lot of us, time off has become less and less of an option. That’s a shame, and it’s a mistake, because, for some very good reasons, we all need a break now and then.
First of all, it’s good for business. Study after study has pointed to the higher productivity, higher employee retention, and myriad health benefits associated with regularly scheduled vacations. But, even armed with this research, many Americans work right through, leaving paid vacations days unused. In a recent article on the subject, Forbes contributor Tanya Mohn quotes Adam Sacks, President of the Tourism Economics division of Oxford Economics.

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Five Writing Traps To Avoid

As someone who has, in one way or another, made a living as a writer, I admit to being something of a critic when it comes to content and copywriting. But you don’t have to be a professional scribe to understand how important writing has become to our businesses. And we’re not referring to catchy advertising slogans here. We’re talking about the everyday writing that comes from your company, from your website copy to your press releases to your email subject lines to your collateral.Writing for Enterpreneur, author Susan Gunelius, CEO of marketing/branding firm KeySplash Creative, points to five writing habits that can sabotage your effort to actually get your message heard and understood.”Words carry a lot of weight, and you need to use them wisely,” Gunelius says. “There are a number of theories you can learn and tools you can use to write better marketing messages.”

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The Perfect Tagline

We love writing perfect taglines. Back when we established Cronin Creative, we put a lot of thought into crafting one for ourselves, to find that phrase that would neatly sum us up style-wise while pointing to our company’s authentic differentiator.We landed on “Clarity By Design,” and the tagline has not only served us well, it has grown in relevance in recent years, as the marketplace has become more and more cluttered and noisy. In fact, clarity, along with impactful design, has never been more important to your company, to your brand, or to the world we live in.”Design is needed to make sense of information overload,” says author, designer and former Rhode Island School of Design President John Maeda.

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