Paul Schatzkin

Nice Work If You Can Get It!

Nashville-based author and serial entrepreneur Paul Schatzkin has found success in a number of creative endeavors. Aside from online music, writing, and an obsession with all things techno, a constant in Schatzkin’s life has been photography.

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Inspiration At Work #32 – A Coder By Design!

Way back in the mid-1990s, when a website was a relatively new idea, Kenneth White finished school and dove headfirst into web design. Back then, the online world was small enough that designers served as coders and vice versa, and over the course of his nearly 20-year career, White has done plenty of both. These Read More

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It’s Awards Season at Cronin Creative!

The Tennessee Association of Museums (TAM) recently hosted its annual museum conference in Middle Tennessee. Statewide museums were cited for exceptional projects and events over the course of 2012. Cronin Creative is thrilled to have been recognized for “The Guitar: An American Love Story.” The book, which we designed to accompany the exhibition of the Read More

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Inspiration At Work #31 – A Little Slice of Haven!

As Marketing Manager for The Wills Company, Jennifer Rader loves to talk about the company’s uniquely comprehensive business model. When the company was established back in the ’90s, combining a design/build/remodeling firm with a handyman service was a novel idea. But The Wills Company’s “lifetime approach” has attracted a large and exceptionally loyal clientele, some Read More

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Inspiration At Work

Inspiration at Work. We love a great tag line, and this one really hit the mark, summing up Cronin Creative’s modus operandi and the magic that happens when we’re firing on all cylinders and doing our best stuff. It’s also the perfect name for Cronin Creative’s wide-open, freewheeling blog. We hope you’ll check back often Read More

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