Can’t Get To Work? Work On Your Business!

The Coronavirus is here, and it’s really doing a number on businesses large, small and in between. It’s been inspiring to see the creative ways people have found to keep things rolling and stay focused on doing business, even if it isn’t business as usual.If there is a bright side in the midst of all this uncertainty, it might just lie in the opportunity to step back and reflect on recent challenges and successes from a safe, six-foot distance. In other words, this could be the right time to do some work on your business.How is your brand messaging holding up? Are your website and online presence where they need to be? How can you create new opportunities going forward? These are some of the questions you can toss around between Zoom sessions. You might gain some new perspective in the process.

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Infographics Go Viral

They’re eye-catching and informative, and they help bring lofty ideas down to earth, making complex concepts easier to understand. We are, of course, referring to infographics. With human attention spans having devolved steadily down to around eight seconds, a strategically designed infographic holds the reader so those ideas and concepts actually get absorbed and understood.Here in the new reality of the Coronavirus, the ability to quickly bring clarity to a complex issue has never been more important. In that sense, infographics are currently doing the vital work of clearly communicating the progression of this devastating virus.So, what exactly is an infographic? Basically, it’s a combination of content, data and graphic design crafted to transform dry, esoteric subject matter into a compelling, easily understood graphic. For marketers of all stripes, they have long served an important role.

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Color Wheels

With our beloved Volvo in the shop for a few days, we’ve been suddenly thrust back into the world of rental cars. The biggest watchwords this time around were speed and efficiency. I mean, wow. A few answers typed into that handheld device out in the parking lot and we were out of there. Thank you, have a good day, goodbye!Shopping the various rental companies online, the logo nerd in me was struck by the way every brand, the big guys and the little guys, has laid claim to a color – bright yellow for Hertz, Kelly green for Enterprise, “we-try-harder” red for Avis, etc. Each logo consists of the company’s one-word name in a simple sans serif font. And then, there’s that color!It’s no secret that brands use color to foster recognition and stimulate buyers, and there’s some fascinating psychology behind that. At Cronin Creative, when we present newly designed logos to clients, we initially display them only in black & white. Otherwise, the client is often too distracted and influenced by whatever color we’ve chosen to objectively consider the logo itself. Color is that powerful in the equation.

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Visual Metaphors – Elevating The User Experience

Here in the digital age, with the human attention span getting smaller by the day, the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer or more relevant. Our mental capacity has not increased, but the amount of information we are required to process has gone through the roof.Try explaining complex ideas in words, and you’ll lose your audience. That’s where graphic design and “visual metaphors” that represent and explain abstract ideas can come in handy. Writing for the “Inside Design” blog, author Wynne Renz explores the increasing use of these graphic and visual metaphors in some of today’s most compelling and award-winning ads.”Now with digital product design, visual metaphors are even stronger because they add an additional element—not telling, or showing, but allowing the user to experience meaning through rich animation and scroll-able surprises,” Renz says. “And those who utilize them get their sites noticed.”

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A Strong Bond, An Enduring Brand

Authentic brands should be carefully designed from the ground up and built to last. Practical Massage Therapy, an industry pioneer and leader in Nashville for over two decades, is a prime example of just such a brand.Armed with the germ of an idea and the simple goal of “being busy and maybe making some money” Practical Massage Therapy owner Renee French approached then solo-preneur Karen Cronin with an idea for a logo that the future Cronin Creative founder vividly brought to life. It was the beginning of a friendship and a 20-year business relationship.”We shared our logo idea and a couple of elements, and Karen found the font,” French says. “I also had an idea for a color – I called it zen green – and Karen matched what I was thinking perfectly. She found that green!”

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