Clarify Your Message, Grow Your Business!

You’re good at what you do, and you’re intimately familiar with the ins and outs of your business, so explaining exactly what makes your product or service special should be a breeze, right? Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, it’s not so easy. You’re just too close to your work to clearly express all of the above.As challenging as it can be, getting that message right is absolutely foundational to the effectiveness and success of your marketing efforts. Without that clear-and-concise underpinning, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the mark.It’s natural to tout your expertise in your particular field, but it’s important to remember who you’re talking to and what they’re listening for. Ask yourself what problem or problems you solve for your best clients. The answer to that question should be the centerpiece of your brand messaging.

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10 Reasons To Rebrand Your Business

Thinking about a rebrand or a brand refresh? There are a lot of good reasons why the time might be right for a revamp of your corporate identity. Whether it’s a response to a changing market, a reputation repair and renovation, a corporate merger or just time for an update of your message, brands and organizations tend to change or refresh their identity every 7-10 years.Is it time for a change? Entrepreneur recently created a simple-and-informative infographic that could help you answer that key question. The infographic walks you through several scenarios where a rebrand or refresh just might make sense.

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Looking For Insights? Talk To Your Clients!

When we established Cronin Creative 13 years ago, we immediately started helping clients with quality graphic design and messaging to maximize the power of their brands. While we were helping others discover and express their uniqueness in the market, we realized we needed to help ourselves in crafting our own distinctive brand.We decided to interview our best clients to gather their impressions of our company and our work. It was a great decision. The valuable (and free) feedback we received was key in unearthing our own authentic value proposition and company tagline, and it pointed to a way ahead.In the best cases, the “interview” became more of a conversation, warming up the relationship, creating better rapport, and moving things from a vendor/customer focus to more of a partnership.

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Real Life Is Trending

In this business of delivering compelling design and messaging to a variety of clients, it’s imperative that we stay on top of trends. Whether it is a logo, website, or copy, we work to keep the messaging current and relevant to an audience today. We also keep a close eye on the fine line between keeping abreast of trends and being “trendy.”While current and future trends in mind, I came upon a pertinent article on the Adobe website. Author Brenda Mills not only addresses upcoming design trends (more analog working together with digital, a return to art deco shapes and colors, etc.), she also explores some intriguing new trends in photography, including Adobe’s new approach to their stock image library.

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Developing A Foundational Brand

As a graphic design and branding agency, we get a closeup view of today’s cluttered marketplace, and the fierce, ongoing competition for the attention of an overly saturated consumer. Nowhere is this more visible than in Nashville’s exploding housing construction market.Apartment complexes are springing up like weeds, and new housing developments continue to fan out across the ‘burbs in every direction. In this, the very definition of a hyper-competetive market, we see the power of branding, and the downside of not branding, in stark relief.Historically, the real estate/development community has been slow to come around to the importance of branding, but that has changed as the market has heated up. Working on two recent projects – one a large apartment community and the other a cutting-edge neighborhood development – we got a first-hand look at the Nashville market, and witnessed the impact strategic branding can have on the appeal and the success of a particular property.

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